Sick baby holding mother's hand. DiaResQ is a diarrhea solution.More than a million times every year, in the US alone, people visit the doctor because of diarrhea. Hundreds of thousands get sick enough to be hospitalized. And as we all know, diarrhea is no fun. For kids and for their parents.

On average kids will have diarrhea between 7 and 15 times before they finish kindergarten. It’s tough on the whole family, the baby-sitter, the preschool, and even the tee ball team.

Up until recently, there wasn’t a great diarrhea solution for kids. All we could do is treat the symptoms, keep them hydrated and hope. An innovation called DiaResQ® has changed this. Recently named one of the top 30 innovations with great promise to transform global health by 2030, DiaResQ is a food for special dietary use that provides nutrients for those experiencing diarrhea. It also promotes intestinal health and supports a child’s natural defenses. I’m thrilled to be advising them*.

What’s Going On?

When a child swallows something nasty that survives the acid bath of the stomach, a race is on! The body tries to flush it out of the intestines with frequent wet stools before it can cause too much damage. We call this diarrhea.

Failed Attempts

There are many products and remedies that attempt to address the symptoms. But these may not nourish the child or promote intestinal health.

Nature’s Diarrhea Solution

In very young kids, breast milk is an amazing choice. It hydrates, nourishes, and has immune factors to support a healthy body.

Modeled After Nature

DiaResQ is a nutritional drink made from early cow milk and eggs that promotes intestinal health. It’s an entirely different approach to provide nutrients for those experiencing diarrhea.

In clinical trials, it’s been shown to help with the dietary management of diarrhea. And it’s well-tolerated, with no adverse side effects being reported.

*NOTE: Dr. Greene serves as Chief Pediatric Advisor for DiaResQ.

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