Dr. Greene’s take on toddlers and sleep…

Dr. Greene discussing toddler sleep issues

As your baby becomes a toddler, chances are they will give you some sleepless nights. In this week’s post I’ve got your solution.

But first a little fun fact.

Strange but true: whether or not your toddler awakens you, each night you’re almost certainly waking up about every hour or so – nearly everybody does. The difference is that most of the time you go right back to sleep.

Why, oh why, doesn’t your baby do the same?

A couple of things are at play here: The first is that your baby is just about to learn to walk, and secondly, separation anxiety generally peaks around this time.

Since your baby is just about to enter toddlerhood, they eagerly want to try walking at every opportunity. This includes when they stir at 4am. And when they do wake up, they become frightened because they realize that for the first time in their life, you aren’t there with them.

It’s a growing pain for the whole family.

Lots of my patients have rediscovered the bliss of a good night’s sleep using my simple method. Watch the video below where I talk about how to do exactly that (spoiler alert: you don’t even have to pick them up or feed them).

This is a simple, effective solution to help everyone get a sound night’s sleep (yourself included). Give it a try with your child, and I’ll bet that in just 3-4 days you’ll find it works for your family as well.

If you do decide to give it a shot, leave me a comment telling me how this method for dealing with toddlers and sleep has worked for you.

Or, if you have a method that’s been particularly helpful, please share it with the community!

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