Encouraging play is not complicated.  Most 1 year-olds are very willing participants!  They don’t need expensive toys or fancy entertainment, activities for 1 year olds are simple and easy things that are fun for both baby and you.

10 Simple Activities for 1 Year Olds

Here are some of my favorite ways encourage exploratory play using things you likely have at home.

  1. Cut a few holes an empty cardboard box and give your baby ping pong balls to push through. Some of the simplest games are lots of fun for babies.
  2. You can create an interactive baby play station with a small curtain rod, toilet paper rolls and sensory materials like textured fabrics, aluminum foil, or bubble wrap.
  3. fun game for a one-year-old is to let them place balls inside the cups of a muffin tin. They’ll dump them out and replace them over and over!
  4. Let them try their hand at some fine motor skills by letting them place straws in the holes of a colander.
  5. Babies can play with sensory bins, too! Using hair scrunchies of different materials is a fun mini sensory bin for baby.
  6. Make a zipper board that your little ones can play with and practice zipping and unzipping.
  7. This fun obstacle course is perfect for little crawlers and can be great exercise!
  8. Make a sparkle bottle for them to shake with lots of colorful beads, pom-poms and anything else shiny.
  9. This peek-a-boo board is easy to make and little ones love it. Simply place flash cards on a poster board and hide each of them with felt flaps they can peak under!
  10. Use an empty box as a tunnel for baby to crawl through. Punch small holes at the top and push socks and tights through for them to navigate their way through.

What are your favorite ways to play?

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Holly Homer DrGreene.com contributor

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