To say that I come from a family of fabulous strong women is an understatement. As a child, I remember my own mom ranting about how liberated she felt when she turned 40 (thus igniting fearless confrontations standing up for values she believed in).

Both of my grandmothers are strong-willed when measuring the things they say and do.

I myself am notorious for opening my big mouth, in situations where I probably shouldn’t, just to make a point of asserting what’s right, wrong and completely fake and phony regarding social standards, morals and the private lives of people I may or may not know.

Now, I have two toddler daughters who many identify as ‘strong-willed’ young ladies… already. They know what they want. They challenge each other. They challenge me. They sometimes get their way. They sometimes don’t get their way. Yet they always insist on pushing me more (to which I push back, as any level-headed mom does).

They’re good girls, but…

My older toddler wants to change her wardrobe 14 times a day and does not let go of me until I give in and do so after 30 nonstop minutes of driving her point home. (I do admire her persistence.) “It’s a good thing!” my pediatrician exclaimed, after my younger toddler recently tried to raise the most frightening forces of hell because she didn’t want to get weighed on the baby scale for her well-visit checkup.

Yes, I’ve got strong girls. Genetics or social conditioning? Both? Either way, I’m a bit worried.

I’ve always been a champion for women to speak our minds, take assertive control and protect and campaign whatever ideals we believe in (should someone try to minimize or threaten those opinions in a social setting).

But now, as a mother with a new perspective about the world, I wonder: IS THIS *REALLY* A GOOD THING? REALLY??

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Jill Simonian contributor

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