To get started I wrote a proposal to Silicon Graphics and we received a grant that included an SGI Indy (then selling for $40K). I had to learn everything needed to launch a web site, and in 1995 we didn’t have the tools we have today.

Early on we were considering a partnership with a tech firm. Their CEO declined the partnership because “they didn’t think a stay at home mom could run a web site.”

I’ve continued to run our site (and our education business) for the last 20 years. We’ve moved with changing technology. We’ve rebuilt the site five times with constant updates to the backend between rebuilds. We’ve also met our goal of helping parents understand more about their kids’ health, in fact we’ve served almost a hundred million unique users, most of them parents.

But here’s the thing, if that CEO hadn’t challenged me, if he hadn’t indicated that somehow being a woman was an issue, we might not still be doing what we’re doing. His words have propelled me more times than I can count, so women, I encourage you to take the challenge. You can do it. You need to do it. We, the other women out there trying to show who we are, we need you to do it! #LikeAGirl

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