One of the hardest things to do as a parent of a child with an illness is to let go of control and have faith that the other adults in their life will take good care of them.

This is especially difficult when your child is at school for 8 hours a day.

So how can parents make sure their children’s medical needs are being met at school?

Put Your Child in Control

Your child has a lot to worry about – school, friends, after school activities – you don’t want to over-burden them with responsibilities pertaining to their health as well. But the fact it children are more capable than we often give them credit for.

By putting your child in the driver’s seat, you ensure that they can remind teachers and caregivers of their medical issues when the time is crucial. We hear all time about young children, sometimes 5-years old and younger, who save their parent’s lives by calling 911 just in time.

Teaching your child about their illness and educating them about their own treatment is not a burden, it’s a gift. It will help them stay healthy and take control over their own life.

Create an Open Dialogue With Adults at School

When your child is dealing with an illness, the school nurse will become your best friend. Most school nurses are very compassionate and caring (otherwise they would have chosen another profession) but it never hurts to go out of your way and buy the nurse a Christmas gift.

Make an effort to establish a personal connection with the school nurse, administrators and teachers. Explain to them right away what your child is going through and make sure you have reliable emergency contacts, should anything happen during the school day.

How do you make sure your child get the necessary medical care during school hours?

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Maitland DeLand contributor

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