My child has food allergies. I’d like to give her probiotics, but I want to make sure it’s safe before I try. What do you think, is it safe to give my child with food allergies probiotics?
Menlo Park, CA

Dr. Greene’s Answer:

Are probiotics safe for kids with food allergies? Absolutely! In fact, I especially recommend probiotics for children with allergies because some studies have shown that probiotics can lessen the immune reaction against proteins in foods.

While there’s no guarantee that probiotics will help (not all studies have demonstrated positive results), no serious adverse effects have been reported. Probiotics are very safe.

But, as you are probably learning from dealing with allergies to milk, eggs, nuts, and shellfish, it’s important to at least check the label of any product you use to look carefully for any of his allergic triggers — by their various names — that might be used in the processing or as non-active ingredients.

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Alan Greene MD contributor

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